Stop the Bail Fail: Bradford to Establish Toronto Police Bail Compliance Units


For immediate release: April 19, 2023

TORONTO – Toronto needs less talk and more action to restore community safety. As Mayor of Toronto, Brad Bradford will establish dedicated Bail Compliance Units by working with the Toronto Police Service to keep tabs on alleged criminals who the courts have released into our community. 

It’s all too common to hear reports of crimes - assault, robbery, and murder - committed by offenders out on bail.

In 2022, there were 44 shooting-related homicides in Toronto. Of those arrested and charged, 7 were out on bail for firearm-related offenses at the time and 17 were out on bail for another charge.

That’s because hardly any of the 17 Toronto Police divisions employ police officers whose sole job is to ensure that people out on bail abide by their court-mandated orders. Repeat and violent offenders out on bail know nobody is watching to ensure they comply with the law. This must change, fast.

“We need urgent action to stop the rise in crime and see justice upheld for all of Toronto,” said Brad. “Violent and repeat offenders are wreaking havoc in our neighbourhoods, contributing to the increase in crime and violence on the TTC and across the City. We need real action to keep people safe.”

This investment will lead to a more effective community presence where it is needed most, helping to stop repeat offenders before they do more harm. The City of Toronto will fund this expansion of Toronto’s community policing presence backed by Premier Ford’s actions to match his words on prioritizing community safety.

Toronto Police Service Bail Compliance Units 

  • 68 new officers, with an average of 4 per Toronto’s 17 police divisions.
  • Exclusively tasked with engaging, monitoring, deterring and enforcing compliance of the law with individuals in the community on released on bail.
  • There are currently over 1,500 individuals before the courts, accused of violent crimes released on bail with very strict conditions like curfews and house arrest.
  • The Bail Compliance Units are estimated to cost $16 million annually and would be paid for by the Government of Ontario with their follow through on public commitments to improve safety.

Residents of this city expect their elected officials to prioritize their safety and security rather than cater to criminals out on bail who pose a risk to the public. It’s time we take real action to put law-abiding Torontonians first.

Brad Bradford will be the strong mayor of action Toronto needs. He understands the challenges the city is facing because his young family lives them every day. As Mayor, Brad will use every tool of that office to deliver results for the city. 


Brad Bradford’s Plan for Toronto

Police Bail Compliance Units


As Mayor of Toronto, Brad Bradford will work with the Toronto Police Services to establish  dedicated Bail Compliance Units to keep tabs on individuals charged with serious crimes who the courts have released into our community. This investment in community policing will lead to more effective community presence where it is needed most, helping to stop crime before it happens.

Establishing the Bail Compliance Units will bring teams of specially-trained and deployed frontline police officers to each one of Toronto Police Services’ 17 divisions. These teams will be tasked to monitor individuals in the community on bail, with a mandate to take appropriate steps to ensure that they are complying with their release conditions or otherwise pursue enforcement actions, including arrest. This will include hiring 68 new, frontline police officers - deploying an average of 4 in each division - to maintain this permanent presence without diverting officers from other important priorities.

This new approach will restore much-needed bail enforcement capability. It ensures that Toronto Police are able to keep a close watch on offenders out on bail and provides a powerful deterrent.

With the courts being so lenient with bail, there are too many offenders out there on bail to keep an eye on. Last year, Ontario judges granted bail to over 4,500 individuals charged with crimes against persons in Toronto alone - and over 16,000 across Ontario. 

Much of the crime Toronto experiences - including the recent, unprovoked murder of a teenage boy at Keele Station - are committed by persons who were breaching their bail and perhaps would not have committed the crime if they were checked on enough and/or breached for non-compliance before they’ve re-offended again. 

In 2021 alone, 165 individuals released on bail for firearms-related charges were re-arrested for charges involving firearms, and 98 were re-arrested for a third time. And yet - half of these habitual and dangerous offenders were granted bail for a third time. Of the 44 gun-related murders in Toronto last year, 17 of those arrested and charged with these homicides were on bail at the time they were committed - 7 for firearms-related offences.

By taking action within the city’s authority to protect residents from dangerous criminals, we will take back control of Toronto’s neighbourhoods, streets and transit system from a judicial system that is failing to put the public interest ahead of the privileges of individuals involved in serious crimes. 


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