Brad’s Action On “Missing Middle" Housing Will Build an Affordable City


For immediate release: May 10, 2023

TORONTO – Brad Bradford’s work as Chair of the Planning and Housing Committee, leading with real action to address the “missing middle” and get more homes built all across Toronto, was adopted today at Toronto City Council. This is a change Toronto needs to build an affordable city and an example of the less talk, more action leadership Brad Bradford will bring as Mayor.

The zoning bylaw changes adopted today permit up to four units to be built on any residential lot across Toronto. In his role as Chair, Brad worked with people across Toronto, Council colleagues, and Toronto’s civil service to bring about this change, overcoming the entrenched status quo of bad policy that has prevented the missing middle in Toronto from being built.

“Today’s bylaw amendments reduce red tape, will lead to more housing supply across Toronto, and will help build an affordable city,” said Brad Bradford. “If we want a vibrant city that attracts and retains the best and brightest, we need to ensure there is housing available at every price point. Building the missing middle will substantially increase housing supply and choices for people in Toronto.”

With Brad’s experience as an urban planner for the City of Toronto, Councillor, and Chair of the Planning and Housing Committee, he has more experience than all the other candidates combined in getting housing built. That insight informs his plan to address the affordability crisis in this city by providing more housing for more people.

There needs to be less talk about housing and more action to get it built, and Brad’s housing plan will do just that. Brad’s plan will:

  • Increase housing supply:
    • Deliver the “missing middle” and make mid-rise possible
    • Unlock government-owned lands
  • Streamline approvals:
    • Empower the Development and Growth Division
    • Reduce delays, over-consultation and drawn-out appeals
    • Simplify the rules, eliminate red tape and hold staff accountable

Brad Bradford will be the mayor of action Toronto needs. He understands the challenges the city is facing because his young family lives them every day. As Mayor, Brad will use every tool of that office to deliver results for the city. 

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